Baptismal Class is held every 2nd Saturday only, from 10:00am -12:00pm.


1. Child's Birth Certificate

2. Parents / Guardians

  • At least one of the parents / guardians is baptized and active Catholic
  • Must be registered members of St. Rose of Lima Parish
  • Pastor's recommendation letter(if living in another Parish)
  • Valid Baptismal Class Card
  • Recent Drivers License

3. Sponsors

  • Sign Attestation Letter
  • Certificates of Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation of Sponsors
  • Actively living the Catholic Faith
  • At least 16 years old
  • Church Wedding Certificate (if living with a partner)
  • Must be a registered member of St. Rose of Lima Parish
  • Current Drivers License
  • Valid Baptismal Class Card


Please have all the necessary documents ready BEFORE going to the Parish office for Baptismal registration.
At Baptismal time, present copies of the paperwork given by the Parish office to the minister. This document validates that all the requirements have been made. Without this, Baptism may be refused!
The child's certificate of baptism will be available in about one month.

For further information, please call the Parish Secretary at 928-428-4920.


The origin and foundation of Christian Baptism is Jesus. Before starting his public ministry, Jesus submitted himself to the baptism given by John the Baptist. The waters did not purify him; he cleansed the waters. ...Jesus did not need to be baptized because he was totally faithful to the will of his Father and free from sin. However, he wanted to show his solidarity with human beings in order to reconcile them to the Father. By commanding his disciples to baptize all nations, he established the means by which people would die to sin – Original and actual – and begin to live a new life with God.

In Baptism, the Holy Spirit moves us to answer Christ's call to holiness. In Baptism, we are asked to walk by the light of Christ and to trust in his wisdom. We are invited to submit our hearts to Christ with ever deeper love.

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