Unlike a baptism or confirmation, a Quinceanera mass is not a sacrament. However, it is a significant cultural ritual within the Hispanic community that solidifies the candidate commitment to thier faith

Quinceañera: The candidate and parents must contact the office at least one (1) year or more before the date requested.

Quinceañera’s are not performed during Holy Days.

Requirements: Must have Baptism, First Holy Communion and be coming to confession, active within the parish, participate in Conformation/Youth Group, Weekend Mass attendance.  Candidate and parents will have 6 meetings with Father Nicodemus.  Candidate will know how to pray the Rosary, and will read and be able to recite all the books of the bible.  Candidate will need to have proof they carried out twenty (20) hours of four (4) different community services. Donation is $400.00, a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 to hold the date.  Remining $300.00 balance to the church must be received in the office one week before the ceremony.